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Welcome to LaZ Productions' POSITIVE BEAT DIGEST, home of the TruSoulDJ
Photos courtesy of past and present associations with:
TommyBoy Gospel/ EMI Gospel/ Gotee/ Syntax/ UpRok/ Malaco/ AirGospel/ McCain PR/ Phyliss Cadell and Company/ Verity / CGI Records/ Pharis Evans Jr./ Seventh Street Records/ Capitol Entertainment (Bill Carpenter and the late Vincent Young)/ Soulmuzik/ DoRohn Entertainment/ Maura Gale/ Crystal Mclin and Light Records/ Provident Distribution/ Reunion Records/ Grrr Records/ Myx Records/ DJ Maestro 1/ The Scripture Beats Crew/ Metro 1 Records/ R.E.X. Records/ Yolanda Callegari Brooks and B.O.W. Press ....
And a special thank you to the cats that helped me move from third gear to second gear : Andre and Rochelle of CGMA aka "Gospelflava Magazine"/ Frank Cruz from WYBA (1997/1998) and Ben Irby from ...
Also, the ones who granted me my first interviews, even if you probably don't remember me (smile): Anson Dawkins/ Papa San/ Crystal Lewis (I still get chills thinking about you calling my crib)/ Tammy Trent/ Tim Bowman/ Verbs/ Ramiyah/ Sackcloth Fashion/ June April


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